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Excellent service. Thanks Ronald for your great service
Best person ever to ask for help. thanks so much.
AM support is by far the best I have ever had. One phone call, a quick chat, click click and there we go, Cutter working perfectly. I will recommend AM.CO.ZA to anyone for sales as well as after sales support. Cant be happier!


RUSTOFF uses a pulse-wave fibre laser, that can evaporate various rusted, oxidised, painted, or anodised layers. It can also remove oily dirty surfaces etc.

RUSTOFF is a cleaning system designed for metal surfaces. Other material surfaces may also work but your cleaning result may vary.

The device can remove prints off of cardboard surfaces par example. It won’t be able to remove the ink absorbed by cardboard it self.

Each model offers varying output wattage. Each model has specific strengths and features that affects the speed and efficiency you can work at.

If you have a specific application you need advice on please feel free to contact us on the support form or chat to us by sending “hi” on WhatsApp: 060 600 6000​.

If you have specific metal in mind – you are always welcome to bring a sample material sheet for a test of a small area

Feature-wise, all RUSTOFF models offers the same, the biggest difference is the output power.

Generally speaking, as you increase the output power, you decrease the time needed to work time to clean a surface.

So, choose higher output power if you can afford. Choose lower power if you don’t need the machine often.

We have stock at our warehouse in Johannesburg, and courier from there via a shipping company as with any of our other machines.

You are also welcome to collect by yourself in Johannesburg.

This machine is a DIY Product, which means you need to assemble and install the machine yourself.

The assembly, installation and setup of the machine software is relatively easy and we have included an installation video to assist you.

If you require that we assemble, install and set up for you, an additional technician call-out fee will apply.

We are currently updating our Online RUSTOFF Manual, adding videos and making to it searchable.

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To us, Achievement Matters. Our goal is to support you to unlock your new CNC machine’s full potential.

If you have any questions, not already answered on the site, please contact us our support number or via the form below.