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Article Index

Device Manual

Fiber laser rust removal cleaning machine Machine User’s Manual


Thank you for choosing, RustOff fiber laser cleaning machine. By following correct usage protocol and best practise – we trust that you will enjoy years of safe and satisfying service from your RustOff fiber laser cleaning machine.  

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Shock Risk
Class 4 Laser

If you have any questions or comments regarding the machine please feel free to contact our after-sales service department, we look forward to helping you solve any issues. 

Input/ output terminals;  laser power supply;  sound & light power supply;  control power supply, etc. may be charged. Be alert and take care during use, avoiding electrical shock. Pay attention to personal safety!

This Optical fiber laser is a class 4 laser product. Please wear adequate protective glasses and appropriate  safety gear when using. The use of this Fiber-laser without proper training is strictly forbidden. Do not attempt to open the RustOff and its components in any way while in operation. 

This manual is protected by copyright law and international copyright treaties and other relevant law, do not reproduce the content without permission.

We are following the principles of sustainable development, so the manual can be updated when necessary. Please check back regularly. 

All copyright held by, and its respective partners and suppliers.


This document contains useful information for safe, economical operation. If you follow this information and tips, not only can you avoid dangerous accidents; reduce maintenance cost and reduce repair time; but also improve the integrity and working life of the machine.

This manual includes industrial injury prevention and protection guidelines. Users can provision according to its specific conditions.

Please store an updated copy of Instructions with your machine for reference;

Operators and support staff should have relevant technical training or be guided when using this machine.

Safety requirements and instructions:

Please familiarise yourself, laser operators and support staff with the following afty information regarding working with this laser in advance, to avoid personal injury; prevent product damage or other problems.

To avoid the possibility of danger or damage, only use this machine within this prescribed scope.

  1. Do not direct the laser at your own or others eyes –  even if the laser is switched off as accidents or errors may occur and harm can be caused.
  2. Reflective or diffuse objects close to the work surface or machine is strictly prohibited – this will reduce the possibility of the reflection of the laser that might cause the operator or staff or flammable items.
  3. This machine is a specialist device, unauthorised, unsupervised use is strictly prohibited. No intoxicated; incapacitated or untrained individuals nor children should ever be left to use the device. 
  4. As this laser light falls in the invisible spectrum of light – it is strictly prohibited to operate in an area where inflammable or explosive items will be close proximity of the laser – to avoid reflection and possible combustion or fire.
  5. Users; operations and support staff should wear adequate protection glasses when operating.
  6. Usage is prohibited if voltage is unstable – in this case be sure to use a voltage stabiliser to avoid malfunction or damage to the machine. 
  7. Cut-off power to the device immediately when malfunction or fire occurs. Do not use the device if it is damaged or malfunctioning in any way. If you suspect damage of unexpected behaviour cease operation immediately. And contact us for inspection, do not operate continuously.

Do not operate in a wet or excessively damp environment.

Do not operate in an explosive environment.

Keep the working area environment clean and dry.

Ensure that each operator and support staff read this manual carefully!

Chapter 1: Intro

1.1. Summary

Fiber laser cleaning equipment is a new generation of high-tech surface cleaning products. It is easy to install, control, and implement automation. With Simple operation, switching power supply, open the device, then it can be achieved cleaning without chemical reagent, medium and water washing, it has many advantages of the focus adjustment manually, joint surface cleaning, higher cleaning surface cleanliness, it also can remove the surface of resin, grease, stains, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint on objectives.

1.2. Main Specifications

Laser wavelength: 1064nm (fiber laser)
Laser power: 50W Raycus brand
Power supply: AC220V ±10%, 50 Hz ≤1KW
Focus length: 295mm from bottom of scan head to metal cleaning surface, see photo

Dummy Image

Chapter 2: Machine structures

2.1. Structure Description

Optical fiber laser marking machine is mainly made up of the control cabinet and

handheld laser cleaning head.

Dummy Image

Fiber laser rust removal cleaning machine

2.2 Control section

2.2.1) Control panel: Machine standard with 7” touch screen control panel. (Details control panel usage please see LC1403 instruction manual)

2.2.2) Control buttons: Machine standard with “Laser”, “key switch”, “Emergency stop” buttons .

Fiber laser rust removal cleaning machine

2.5 Back side of machine:with air switch, main power cable

Chapter 3: Installation requirements & operating instructions

3.1 Equipment installation requirements

Laser cleaning machine should be used in clean environment and appropriate

temperature(10 ℃-35 ℃). User should guarantee 1000W single-phase AC power

supply at least.Main power supply must be connect ground,virtual connection is

strictly prohibited!AC220V/50Hz external input power,≥1000W

3.2 Starting up order

  1. Plug the power cable, (110V/220V according machine parameters)
  2. Turn on the air switch
  3. Clockwise rotate the Emergency button to turn on power for machine. Then switch key switch to ON, the last step is press “Laser” button.
  4. Press the button on the laser cleaning head to begin cleaning.
Dummy Image


Please remember the focus length (rust surface to button of cleaning head) for your

the machine is 295mm.

3.2.2 Equipment shut down order

  1. Press “Laser” button to close the laser.
  2. Switch “Key switch” button
  3. Turn off “Emergency” button
  4. Shut down air switch
  5. Disconnect the machine power cable

Please preheat for 40 seconds before cleaning in Winter or cold times.

Please note: close “Laser” power and wait at least 20 seconds,then shut off the

power. The fiber cable tube at the back of machine is made by glass, it must NOT

Folded on bent in anyway  please keep them in a loose loop, or circle as is in  the picture below.

Dummy Image


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Excellent service. Thanks Ronald for your great service
Best person ever to ask for help. thanks so much.
AM support is by far the best I have ever had. One phone call, a quick chat, click click and there we go, Cutter working perfectly. I will recommend AM.CO.ZA to anyone for sales as well as after sales support. Cant be happier!


RUSTOFF uses a pulse-wave fibre laser, that can evaporate various rusted, oxidised, painted, or anodised layers. It can also remove oily dirty surfaces etc.

RUSTOFF is a cleaning system designed for metal surfaces. Other material surfaces may also work but your cleaning result may vary.

The device can remove prints off of cardboard surfaces par example. It won’t be able to remove the ink absorbed by cardboard it self.

Each model offers varying output wattage. Each model has specific strengths and features that affects the speed and efficiency you can work at.

If you have a specific application you need advice on please feel free to contact us on the support form or chat to us by sending “hi” on WhatsApp: 060 600 6000​.

If you have specific metal in mind – you are always welcome to bring a sample material sheet for a test of a small area

Feature-wise, all RUSTOFF models offers the same, the biggest difference is the output power.

Generally speaking, as you increase the output power, you decrease the time needed to work time to clean a surface.

So, choose higher output power if you can afford. Choose lower power if you don’t need the machine often.

We have stock at our warehouse in Johannesburg, and courier from there via a shipping company as with any of our other machines.

You are also welcome to collect by yourself in Johannesburg.

This machine is a DIY Product, which means you need to assemble and install the machine yourself.

The assembly, installation and setup of the machine software is relatively easy and we have included an installation video to assist you.

If you require that we assemble, install and set up for you, an additional technician call-out fee will apply.

We are currently updating our Online RUSTOFF Manual, adding videos and making to it searchable.

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To us, Achievement Matters. Our goal is to support you to unlock your new CNC machine’s full potential.

If you have any questions, not already answered on the site, please contact us our support number or via the form below.